My personal journey to text-to-speech accessibility bot

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So what is this project?

Build stuff

Text to speech software

’Liepa’ over ’Wine’

  • Text cannot be longer than 500 symbols or so
  • Whole mechanism uses a file system
  • Running external processes using ’Wine’ leaves zombie processes

Making it useful

  • Fetch RSS
  • Store it into the database
  • Schedule a TTS service to synthesize the text
  • Fetch results from TTS
  • Provide an API or Web that would display the news that could be played over audio player

Putting everything together

  • RSS service — responsible for gathering info and storing it (text and converted audio files)
  • TTS service — responsible for launching ’Docker’, takes text, converts it into an audio file
  • Messaging service — connects both services

Potential (?)




Android engineer @ iTo

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Marius Merkevičius

Marius Merkevičius

Android engineer @ iTo

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