Do you get into a situation, that you think, — “Once i get this working, I’ll be able to use it all the time”? Instead of doing it simply, I tend to go on a long journey of creating a tool that (most probably) no one needs or uses that often.

Oh well, apparently this was one of these times 🤷‍♂️. And here’s a story of it. Hopefully this will be a lesson for me. Or someone else, for that matter. But you can be sure, it will definitely sound like a random rant. Enjoy.

Building software tools (Photo by Dmitriy Demidov on Unsplash)

How it starts

It’s Friday and as it…

In this post I’ll talk about using integration tests and how to leverage them in testing big batch of input. In my case it was a big batch of documents that are set out for scanning.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It evolves around an mature technology, that had a fair share of problems running on newer build frameworks. However having been able to run it, I was happy 👏. Hopefully this will be useful for future-me 👴 and anyone else trying to solve similar problem.

So for anyone interested, as I’ve mentioned, it’ll involve a sample of

  • Handling big (quantity wise) data input in…


Cool versioning style for android or any project using gradle. Define all versions and dependencies to separate files and use those instead of hardcoding values into project modules. Clean, all in one place and lifesaver whenever dealing with project with multiple modules. Example project 👉


So one day I was trying to clean-up our *.gradle files. As we use multiple modules in our project + patched libraries, we have versions of various dependencies that we need to reuse through out all the project modules. I was not happy about how we were using the versioning and remembered that there was…

So we have this app which has quite a few moving parts here and there. We also have some complex views. Here is a real life example for you. We have a calendar (which in itself is quite complex and has a bit of calculations). We wanted to introduce *scaling* feature to it. But tinkering it around and always trying to recompile the widget is a bit pricy. Just changing anything and trying to recompile-package-upload-install-run-navigate takes a bit of time. Not to mention, when when we want to provide *fake* data to it to create it in various forms just…

Very weird and long title. Let me explain…


This post explores how to export object creation factory that could be reused through all over the modules in your Android project. To find out, just scroll down to the #solution. The whole story is a bit below. Also, here is the example project on github.

Baby steps

Here at Treatwell we have many products that solve different problems for our beloved salons and through out the time, we’ve managed to achieve some cool things. Personally, I work on our product Treatwell Connect for Android platform, that its sole responsibility is to be the…

Marius Merkevičius

Android engineer @ iTo

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